Buy-side research and portfolio assessment

ARIS GmbH is a highly specialized service provider for fundamental mid-term company valuation. The basis of our business gets formed by solid know-how, professional analysis capacities, and proprietary software.

We are currently active in three areas:

Buy-side research for investors

Our buy-side research services are directed at fund managers, investment companies, family offices and M&A departments. We analyze companies in selected sectors or complete company portfolios in individually assigned intervals. → more

Portfolio assessment and improvement

We consult and support investment funds and holding companies comprehensively in analyzing and assessing their equity and investment portfolios. We also support our clients in choosing and implementing suitable key performance indicators and valuation methods for continuous portfolio governance. → more

Seminars on company valuation

Analysts, portfolio managers, and many other experts and executives increasingly get confronted with issues caused by different valuation methods and processes. In our seminars beginners and experts learn to understand and handle company valuations. → more

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